Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Finbio 2006

FINBIO – The Bioenergy Association of Finland “CONNECTING BIOENERGY PEOPLE”

  • FINBIO is the main association in bioenergy field in Finland.
  • FINBIO represents all actors of the bioenergy sector (wood-based fuels, peat, recovered biofuels, agrofuels, biogas, bioliquors)
  • FINBIO works nationally and internationally for increasing the use of bioenergy
  • FINBIO is a country member of European Biomass Association (AEBIOM).

The membership of FINBIO consists of 100 organisations (energy associations, forest and peat associations, biomass producers, energy and district heating companies, pulp and paper companies, sawmills, manufacturer companies, consulting and engineering companies, information and technology support organisations and R&D organisations).

FINBIO works for the increased use of bioenergy. It effects on energy policy, promotes the commercial use of bioenergy and improves business and R&D–network with active information dissemination and knowledge.

FINBIO works for the increased use of bioenergy and promotes the sector´s joint interests in Finland and abroad.

Via FINBIO you can get right and best contacts for your international projects and bioenergy business.

Source: Bioenergy contacts in Finland 2006

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