Friday, May 24, 2013

Deinove, France

The mission of DEINOVE is to provide industrial partners with new production standards that will not only help them make the transition to the third industrial revolution but also improve the efficiency and sustainability of their processes.

To meet this objective, DEINOVE brings the best in academic research to each project and works hand in hand with companies to identify developments corresponding to their market expectations and the constraints of their existing or future facilities.

DEINOVE also conducts exploratory studies with industry and innovative companies to identify new application opportunities.

DEINOVE is currently the only company in the world designing and developing production processes based on the bacterium Deinococcus.

In order to meet that goal, it benefits from the largest Deinococcus library in the world, a proprietary "toolbox" that concentrates the best genetic and metabolic engineering but also an academic network of excellence that allows DEINOVE to maintain its technological advantage.
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