Monday, October 20, 2014

EuropaBio - Clean, Cleaver and Competitive

EuropaBio The vision of the Dutch government on the biobased economy focuses on the optimal valuation and use of biobased raw materials.

In other words: “how can we simultaneously use various non-food products from the same biomass and/or residues from the agricultural sector”.

To accompany the government’s vision that high-grade biomass applications in particular offers Dutch industry considerable opportunities and requires biomass to be produced sustainable, the
Government has set out a Policy Agenda that consists of four sections:
  • More efficient use of biomass
  • Sustainable biomass production
  • Encouraging the production of green gas and sustainable electricity
  • Market developments
The Dutch Government feels that it should be active in the
development of sustainable biomass production, technology development
(such as 2nd generation technologies), market development and logistics.

The Government’s Clean and Efficient (new energy for climate policy) Programme forms an important financial framework for the implementation of the Policy Agenda for the biobased economy (financial instruments and measures are explained in the programme).

In October 2007, the Dutch Government published its vision on the bio-based economy in the energy transition (and).

For the Government the development of the bio-based economy is driven by the desire to strengthen the economic competitive position of the business sector, to address the problem of climate change, to reduce waste and the distribution of environmentally hazardous substances, and to be less dependent on oil.

This vision paper identifies challenges and opportunities for the Netherlands and Dutch companies.

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