Tuesday, May 27, 2008

BIOTOUCH / PMEU for Paper and Biocide Industries.

Rapid PMEU incubator can help paper industry microbiology in many ways. It has already been used for testing of biocides against sessile process bacteria and biofilms on test coupons, for selective detection of certain bacterial species from process samples as well as for activated sludge control.

Short incubation times are one beneficial feature of PMEU. Biocide tests can be performed even in one working day, and spare of time is obvious also in storage and biofilm tests, which need only a couple of days to be done by this method.

Another feature of PMEU is its "ecological" way to fulfil all analytical needs. Everything happens in original samples, which secures the presence of all stimulating and inhibiting factors in tests. Refreshments of samples can easily be added daily during several days's incubation periods. Everything happens in conditions which simulate the real conditions in paper machine: chemistry, temperature, redox potential...

PMEU Service by BIOTOUCH also contains all know-how of paper industry microbiology. Experienced microbiological laboratories can apply PMEU method relatively easily, after short training period, but paper mills without microbiological laboratory activities can order "full service": PMEU, its professional operation and conclusive reporting by BIOTOUCH.
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