Monday, October 9, 2017

Forum Holz-Bau Garmisch 17

Biel – Von 6. bis 8. Dezember 2017 findet im Kongresszentrum Garmisch Partenkirchen das 23. Internationale Holzbau-Forum IHF 2017 statt.

Seit Jahren zählt die Premium-Fachveranstaltung zu den weltweit bedeutendsten Kongressen der Holzbau-Branche und ist Pflichttermin für Holzpraktiker und Architekten aus der ganzen Welt.

Auch in diesem Jahr bietet der Veranstalter forumholzbau ein umfassendes Programm mit einer großen Themenvielfalt für eine breite Zielgruppe aus den Branchen (Holz-)Bau und Architektur.

Die Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer erwartet zudem eine große Fachausstellung, auf der Unternehmen Produkte, Innovationen und aktuelle Trends präsentieren.

Quelle: Forum Holz-Bau

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Holz und Bioenergie Treffen in Jyväskylä

Um die Herausforderungen 2017 gemeinsam zu fokussieren, trafen sich Spitzenvertreter aus Holzwirtschaft, Maschinen- und Anlagenbau, Politik und Medien in Jyväskylä am 6. - 8.9.2017.

Führende Holzindustrie-Analytiker erklären dass die Wachstumserwartungen 2017/2018 positiv seien. Technologie-unternehmen berichten von guten Geschäften.

Finnland könne auch digital - insbesondere industrienahe Seien die Perspektiven hervorragend.

Wir sehe die zunehmende Digitalisierung  ebenfalls als große Wachstumschance für die finnische und europäische Industrie.

Als Bremsklotz der Entwicklung sahen viele Wirtschaftsvertreter die Überregulierung in Europa.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

At their annual foresters conference in Rotorua last week, NZIF president James Treadwell announced their coveted 2017 NZIF Forester of the Yearaward. 

The deserving winner was long-time passionate forestry industry champion Garth Cumberland. Their conference was well attended by young and old members alike, with a focus on the future of forestry.

NZTE probes wood fibre supply concerns for proposed $180M Chinese plant in Kawerau - New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, which has encouraged a Chinese company to invest in a $180 million wood processing plant in the Central North Island to boost regional development, is now looking into whether there is enough wood fibre available to supply the plant following concerns from local industry.

China’s Guangxi Fenglin Wood Industry Group announced plans earlier this year to establish a plant in Kawerau by 2020 to produce 600,000 cubic metres of panel boards a year and generate 100 new jobs, at an expected cost of $180 million.

However, the Wood Processors & Manufacturers Association of New Zealand has raised concerns that timber mills in the region don’t produce enough wood fibre to supply the proposed plant as well as existing big pulp mills of Kinleith in Tokoroa and Tasman in Kawerau, which are owned by Japan’s Oji Fibre Solutions. Fenglin’s proposed plant is expected to initially produce particle board and later expand to medium-density fibre board (MDF).

Source: Wood Week

Monday, June 26, 2017

The collaborative attitude of the wood working industry

Our clients understand the importance of cost-saving, innovative production methods to respond to Europe's highly competitive markets.

  • better quality
  • higher yield
  • enhanced product safety
  • optimized production processes
  • minimized operating costs
The way the digitalized Industry 4.0 works:
  • Development
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Electric control systems
  • Programming
  • Service

Sunday, November 20, 2016

World Wide Wood Production

In 1998, the worldwide production of "round-wood", was about 1,500,000,000 cubic metres, amounting to around 45% of the wood cultivated in the world.

Cut logs and branches destined to become elements for building construction accounted for approximately 55% of the world's industrial wood production.

25% became wood pulp (including wood powder and truccioli) mainly destined for the production of paper and paperboard, and approximately 20% became panels in plywood and valuable wood for furniture's and objects of common use (FAO 1998).

The World's largest producer and consumer of officially accounted wood is the United States, although the country that possesses the greatest area of forest is Russia.

In the 1970's, the countries with the largest forest area were:
  1. Soviet Union (approximately 8,800,000 km²), 
  2. Brazil (5,150,000 km²), 
  3. Canada (4,400,000 km²), 
  4. United States (3,000,000 km²), 
  5. Indonesia (1,200,000 km²) and 
  6. Democratic Republic of Congo (1,000,000 km²). 
Other countries with important production and consumption of wood usually have a low density of population in relation to their territorial extension, here we can include countries as Argentina, Chile, Finland, Poland, Sweden, Ukraine.

Source: Wikipedia

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Power-Gen Russia Conference and Exhibition

POWER-GEN Russia, featuring HydroVision Russia is the premier annual forum for the electric power industry within Russia. This well established event is part of PennWell’s highly successful family of POWER-GEN global events.

POWER-GEN Russia, formerly known as Russia Power, will continue its established legacy of addressing the key issues affecting the region's power sector. This essential event delivers a world class exhibition floor combined with a multi-track conference programme devised by experts in field of electric power generation.

POWER-GEN Russia is the central meeting point for the Russian and International power generation industry. Its world class exhibition floor features the major players in the Russian and international power industry displaying and demonstrating the latest services and technologies. Complimenting the traditional POWER-GEN Russia power generation marketplace, our 2016 event will incorporate the industry growth in on-site power production.

This new feature enables this established and premier event to reach those within many markets including petrochemical, steel, agricultural and oil and gas where such on-site power production has become a rising trend, enabling those interested in such activities to network, learn and do business with like-minded others. This addition to POWER-GEN Russia demonstrates our obligation to ensure our attendees and exhibitors are at the forefront of this industry movement. 

The upcoming POWER-GEN Russia Conference & Exhibition is a specialized platform attended by more than 4,500 power industry professionals, representing the only truly international event serving the Russian power market. Discover innovative and practical solutions ensuring progression in efficiency and technological excellence for the Russian power market.
  • Interact with Russian and International exhibitors displaying and demonstrating the latest services and technologies for generation, grid, and end consumer
  • Learn as unique global and Russian power sector know-how is shared, addressing the key issues affecting the region’s power sector
  • Discuss such technical topics as distributed energy, sustainable development and plant performance modernization
Listen to a variety of hot topics such as the future of the Russian power and hydroelectric sectors, human capital development, energy efficiency, models for the heat energy market, and financing a distributed energy project

Delivering a world class exhibition floor, POWER-GEN Russia features the major players in the Russian and international power industry displaying and demonstrating the latest services and technologies; representing unrivalled networking and business opportunities for attendees and exhibitors alike.

 Be a part of the largest gathering of global power professionals in Russia and showcase your products and technologies by reserving your place at POWER-GEN Russia.

Source: Power-Gen Russia

Monday, September 5, 2016

Collum's Lumber Products, LLC - Sawmill Tour

Broadcasted: 8.9.2015: A tour of our sawmill, located in Allendale, SC, showing how we turn southern yellow pine trees into lumber.