Sunday, May 25, 2008

Introducing Biotouch

Hello Macarena Pallares, and welcome on board. This is a new communication channel that will cover trends and opportunities in the field of biotechnology and microbiology.
  • Blog opens today
  • Basic tools are installed
  • Macarena starts writing next week
  • Information will be personalized next week
Elias Hakalehto, Juha Veikko Mentu and myself will be co-writers. The objective is to create an interactive environment where decision makers, students, innovators, investors and the general public can discuss technology and business models.

Here are some general guidelines for the new blog. We might expand it to Wiki and some other social networking applications. Macarena did already mention the use of Yahoo Answers. It might be a good idea to add "Answers to the toolbox" within a week or two when we get more questions about the topics we're covering.

The BIOTOUCH communication channel will be moderated by Macarena. Below are some of the areas this blog is going to cover.

  1. Paper and board
  2. Biorefineries
  3. Water
  4. Food
  5. Health Care
BIOTOUCH is intended for executives, decision makers and the general public. The style of the communication channel will be:
  1. A personal diary based on discussions with specialists
  2. Personalized style
  3. Global point of view
  4. Generic presentation
The idea is to take out the complexity from biotech and microbiology. We'll add interesting links to guide Macarena's blogging. Domestic Fuel is an interesting source of information.

Macarena, Elias and Juha, we'll start with a Skype Conference Call in the beginning of next week. We could chat for 30 to 60 minutes to introduce ourself and to outline the goals for the Biotouch communication channel.
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