Friday, June 27, 2008

Biotouch PMEU Conference Call Today

We'd an interesting Biotouch Conference Call Today. The participants:
  1. Macarena Pallares
  2. Juha Mentu
  3. Helge Keitel
I'd a separate discussion with Elias Hakalehto after our online meeting. Elias hopes that the traditional paper forestry industry would understand the deeper meaning of "bio" in future biorefineries.

"The present biorefinery technology is based on one hundred years old inventions. We do have the tools and intellectual property for a radical modernization of how we use and monetize future fiber processing. But we need partners with a deeper understanding about the added values that the Biotouch-approach can deliver," Elias said.

We discussed the Biotouch PMEU biotech service concept and its wide range use on a global scale. Juha informed about a recent problem solving case in southern Europe where PMEU proved its value as a problem solving tool.

The other thing is the combination of Luminometry and PMEU in paper / board machine microbial online activity control with PMEU as an added value "disease determination."
  1. Luminometry and ATP as a "thermometer" to indicate what's happening (fever)
  2. PMEU is the tool for in depth determination of the cause of the "sickness"
  3. The Biotouch concept provides a methodology for standardized problem solving
The Porvoo community water supply reported about a problem during our meeting. PMEU would be the tool for fast determination of malicious microbial presence. Let's hope it isn't a new Nokia Water Case.

Macarena told about the the strong food processing industry in Mexico. Another case where the Biotouch approach could be used is in the Mexican world class cement industry.

Financing of a world wide operation to promote Bitouch and PMEU solutions were discussed.

We do have a revolutionary biotechnological solution - comparable with microscopy - for rapid microbe growth determination, but we would need a partner with deeper pockets to support the globalization of Biotouch-operations.

"A company in the USA called QuoNova has started to attack the problem of biofilms as a health problem and they are developing products that allow combating biofilms in wounds and in cystic fibrosis in lungs," writes Macarena in her previous posting.

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