Thursday, June 19, 2008

Have a great Biotech Midsummer!

Hello, I spoke with Elias today and we try to arrange a Skype conference after the midsummer about the next step in Biotouch.

We'll have a meeting with Seppo, Pekka, a third person and myself in Helsinki June 26. We talk about how to attract financing for Biotouch, and how to build a structure and become more organized.

The Finnish forestry industry is in trouble with excess capacity, high cost of raw materials, energy and the low value of US dollar. We are going to see more closures of mills in the coming months.

Kemira is downscaling and concentrating on WATER. 1 000 employees has to go out of ten thousand globally.

We need a new biotech industrial base. The traditional pulp and paper could benefit from biotech and microbiology based innovative approaches. We've ideas, tools, and concepts but need to get a stronger organization to transfer the promises to real functional processes and services.

Have a great midsummer!
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