Monday, June 30, 2008

How Biotouch Started and Oil Price $ 600 prediction!

There were rumors today that a barrel of oil might jump to 600 dollars per barrel.

A few weeks ago a Gazprom executive predicted that the oil price might climb to $ 250 per barrel.

But $ 600 per barrel means the real beginning of a bio-based economy.

Biotouch is a conceptual approach with tools and ideas for better handling of the post-oil-period. But changes might happen very soon.

The current news are scaring. How well are we prepared? Read this blog about oil-price!

The YouTube video to the right is representing another extreme: the man is explaining, "there is no peak-oil" in his own words.

"One of the funniest videos in months," comments one YouTube commentator.

The other comment says, "He is right about the oil. First off we have a 100 biliion barrels of untapped reserves in the US that include off shore anwar and shale deposits in Colorado. You people can laugh at this guy but for an idiot he isn't a sheep like most people who laugh at this video are. Our Liberal congress refuses to drill or use these deposits if people would wake up and vote these politicians out we wouldn't be paying 4.00 gas. wake up people the Government is Screwing us."

Anyway, oil is becoming a real big issue. The price of the dollar is anohter. What happens in Iran in the coming months is a determining factor. Let's wait and see...
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