Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Project Biotouch

Macarena, here are some thoughts about the "The project Biotouch." The idea with this wiki is to present and profile your project.
  • http://digitalvillages.pbwiki.com/Biotouch
The wiki can be used to collect and integrate essential information to one page:
  1. Describing your project
  2. A profile about you
  3. Short description of Elias, Juha and Helge
  4. A short presentation about your University
  5. The objectives of your project
  6. We could import Google Maps information
  7. Google Calendar (a Google Calendar script could be added to the Biotouch blog)
  8. Maybe a Google Powerpoint as a final presentation (Google Apps.)
  9. Links to Yahoo Answers
The "Biotouch" wiki can be edited on a continuous basis. Take your time to add information.
  1. New information can be added when you want
  2. You can use the wiki and blog to present your project
We can ask Juha an Elias to send their comments to be published in the Wiki.
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