Friday, August 1, 2008

PMEU Incubator as a tool for fast evaluation of slimicides.

Time series of steel coupons are the common method to evaluate the effects of biocides against slime-forming bacteria in paper machine processes.

The installation of coupons inside the machine may not be the main problem. Two other aspects will limit the value of this method:

* only one slimicide (= the current slimicide used in the machine) can be tested
* duration of the evaluation may take days...weeks

PMEU Incubator (by FINNOFLAG Oy) has been adopted into biocide and slimicide testing because it gives chance to

* evaluate several biocides/slimicides
* only hours to days are needed to have the results of evaluations

Picture (above) shows a bacterial population, attached on the surface of a PMEU test coupon, with fibres, minerals and starches. These bacteria stand washing of coupon with water after testing which means that they are "primary attachers" on the surface of steel when immersed in process water of a paper machine.

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