Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Health, Wellness, Nutrition, Biotouch and Microbiology

Health, Wellness & Nutrition: "Health, Wellness & Nutrition Passion. Back in 1987 I was listening to a health, wellness and nutrition doctor on the radio," writes Barbie Perkins.

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I learned about her this morning through Twitter and decided to post it on this blog. Below is more about her thoughts. What do our biotech and microbiology experts to say about Barbie Perkins comments?

"The health, wellness and nutrition doctor was talking about the effects of soda pop and sugar on our health. The doctor said that the phosphoric acid in Pepsi and other soda pop products took the calcium out of bones. The doctor spoke of one of her patients who was a young wife and mother of three (ages 9, 7, and 2 years). The bones in her feet were soft and deteriorating. When The doctor asked the young woman what her other doctor thought caused her problem, the young woman said. 'I'm a Doctor Pepper freak. I have one on the hour every hour I am awake.' The health, wellness and nutrition doctor said that if this young woman continues her soft-drink habit, it wouldn't be long till she was wheel chair bound. By the way, this young woman was only 37 years old.

That scared me because I was almost 37 years old, the mother of two (ages 12 and 10) and had been consuming a minimum of three - sixteen ounce bottles of Pepsi cola a day for about the past 17 years. I didn' t want to wind up in a wheel chair from over consumption of soft drinks. The health, wellness and nutrition doctor spoke of a Green Drink so I ordered the Green Drink and Book and started taking the Green Drink on a daily basis."

There is a flair of network marketing in the blog. I've seen that among others GNLD is profiling itself as a wellness and nutrition company. How much is actually happening in the field of nutrition? What about the role of Finnish, Nordic, European scientists?
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