Friday, September 19, 2008

Team Ethanol Journy Sponsors

Team Ethanol: "Jane's Blog. As the Team packs up this morning and flies and drives off in their various directions, our journey through the outback and our participation in the World Solar Challenge would not be complete without a few worthy 'thank you's'

This is no ordinary challenge, and this is no ordinary car. From 21 to 28 October, 2007, follow Team Ethanol as we journey 3,500 km (2,200 miles) from Darwin to Adelaide through the Australian outback in the World Solar Challenge.

THANK YOU to all our sponsors (see their links on the right hand side) for their belief in our Team. We mentioned you at all and every opportunity and hope you will stick with us for Team Ethanol 2009. We will be in touch with you when we return to Mackay, Queensland for individual feedback."

Helge: How could we get sponsors for the Biotouch project? Here is one example.
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