Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mr. Gregory Louie's Exploring Biotechnology Website

Here is a short profile of a new KK-Net(worker). The Biotouch movement is getting larger.

Mr. Gregory Louie's Exploring Biotechnology Website: "Mr. Gregory Louie's Exploring Biotechnology Website. Course Description. The word 'bio-technology' merges two words, biology and technology. Biology is the study of life and technology is the practical application of the science. Biotechnology, then, is the practical application of biology for the discovery of cures for diseases and for the production of better varieties of crops and farm animals. Our course is designed to introduce you to some basic concepts of biotechnology. You will gain an understanding of the fundamental science and an appreciation for what it takes to have a deeply interesting, financially rewarding career in this rapidly growing area of North Carolina's high tech economy."

I had a chat with Gregory a few minutes ago and he is now a member of the KK-Net(work).

Guest: Hi Helge, Are you online?

me: Yes

Guest: I am a middle school biotechnology teacher and have a few questions. Do you have 10 minutes or so to talk?

me: Sure

Guest: OK. After the financial crisis resolves in a few years, biofuels processing will undoubtedly expand. Accompanying that expansion will be the need for a trained workforce. Agree? Sent at 4:21 PM on Saturday

me: That's true. Biofuel can be made from many things and there is a need improve the yield of eg. cellulosic biofuel

Guest: In preparation for that future, I'm looking for ways to train middle school students using the latest control technology for bioreactors.

me: Okay. Sent at 4:22 PM on Saturday

Guest: So I'm looking for contacts with people who know which bioprocess control vendors might release a simple bioreactor control package without the bioreactor to be used in schools.

me: I'd like you to come to this open innovation platform to have a long term continuous discussion
Sent at 4:24 PM on Saturday

me: We've microbiologists, biotechnologists and the Groups are open for all. Our idea is to use Social Media to improve global collaboration on matters that are very new or were experience is thin.

Guest: OK. Should I start a new forum topic?

me: That sounds great. Sent at 4:26 PM on Saturday

me: Ask for Juha Mentu, Elias Hakalehto, Macarena Pallares etc as your friends and me Helge. I also represent KK-Net

Guest: OK Thanks for your time.

me: You're welcome. Are you from Raleigh? Sent at 4:28 PM on Saturday
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