Monday, June 8, 2009

Testing E71 photo delivery from ChemBio 09

I'm testing the delivery of pics to this blog. The picture comes from a brochure I grasped during my visit to BioChem in Helsinki May29, 2009. I'd been invited by Industrial Microbiologist. Below is his blog from the event.

IM wrote, "There was a certain drop in the number of visitors, speakers and companies with exhibition desks in the annual Congress "BioChem" in Helsinki, 27.-29.5.2009. It was a pity to see that a lot of paper industry-associated companies did not arrive to show their products. The depression of global economy was very easy to sense. After all: there were still active participants left, eg. the novel company SAMPLION Ltd. which is now distributing PMEU system for all areas of microbiological control."
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