Thursday, March 15, 2012

Biotechnology in Finland 2012.

A curious look on the Finnish biotechnology: it seems that bio-energy projects are starting well, thank to our forest industry companies. The future of small biotech enterprises does not seem so promising, however. Their count have dropped radically since 80's when their count was over 100 - only few of them have survived the hard years on 90's and 00's, however.

In addition to bio-energy projects, analytical and consulting activities to solve environmental problems would be one promising branch for biotech in Finland.

It is pity that ChemBio Finland ("Kemian Päivät") will be hed not before March 2013. But, instead of it, I will join "Paptech Finland 2012" which will take place 21th - 22th March 2012 in Helsinki. There are several suppliers of paper industry present and I am looking forward to hear their latest news!
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