Saturday, December 8, 2012

Debating about future of Biotechtouch blogging

Juha Mentu and myself are debating about the future of  Biotechnology blogging at Facebook.

How to make our content more interesting and entertaining?

What kind of themes and stories would people like to read?

Which are the issues generating more comments?

We're doing this with the simple minded goal to open new business opportunities for our clients and ourself.

Juha would like to establish a TUTKIJAPANKKI a RESEARCHER's BANK.

The Flow Festival Journal front page may symbolize my hope for a PUNK style creative approach to technology, business and biotechnology writing.

The ultimate goal is to attract more readers, commentators and business clients. We only live once and the success is measured by the amount of euros biotechnology and business innovations are leading to.

Writing for fun is great, but we're still obliged to bring some bread to our tables ;)

We need to add more "bread and butter" issues to make this a living community in collaboration with our clients, readers and commentators.

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