Monday, January 14, 2013

Biomass in Andalusia - Renewable energy

I've been looking for online examples of bioenergy produced from olive oil waste and the associated technologies.

 "BIOMASS PUENTE GENIL" (Cordoba. Spain) is a great example of plant electricity production from agricultural biomass (mainly olives) and forestry, pioneer in Andalusia.

In Andalusia region (SPAIN) there is a managed forest and counted with 300 million trees, 300 km long and 60 km wide: the olive groves of Andalusia. Andalusia also has 4,658,105 hectares of forest area.

With the energy of olive biomass electricity could run 700,000 homes a year. 10 olive pits have enough energy to power a light bulb for one hour.

WHY biomass as a source of energy?

BECAUSE creates jobs
  • For each job with fossil fuels, will generate 14 jobs with biomass
  • For every 10,000 inhabitants can produce 135 jobs, compared to 9 currently producing fossil fuels.


- Biomass is an untapped natural resource.
Only in Andalucia we have more than 300 million olive trees, which pruning, leaf, and agricultural residues, previously wasted, burning them or throwing them.

- Spain is the third country in Europe in forest area, with 18 million hectares in 2009, after Sweden and Finland.

- Sustainable management of forest biomass does not diminish the forest area, and helps preserve forest fires, reducing the risk of fire by 70%.

- Ensuring the sustainability of forests by controlling the traceability of forest biomass, through the chain of custody.

- Conducted forest certification Chain of Custody, FSC and PEFC.

- Thousands of tons of CO2 that is longer emit into the atmosphere due to biomass power generation.
1 megawatt of energy produced from biomass avoids CO2 tn 6250.


- The use of biomass for energy increases energy independence.
Spain has a dependency on the outside of 85% and 98% when it comes to oil and gas.


- Biomass is a fuel produced in Spain that leaves the value added in Spain.

The plant "BIOMASS PUETE GENIL", in the province of Cordoba, is dedicated to the management of agricultural and forestry waste. It pioneered in the use of biomass energy.

BIOMASS, Renewable Energy: Potential for Wealth and Employment Andalucía

Note: the chimney is just water vapor ;-)
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Work make it for "BIOMASS PUENTE GENIL", production plant belonging to VALORIZA electric energy, SACYR

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