Monday, March 25, 2013

Micro CHP

Micro CHP (micro Combined Heat & Power) is the simultaneous production of heat and electricity in individual homes.  Effectively the micro CHP unit replaces the gas central heating boiler and provides heat and hot water as usual, but additionally provides the majority of the home's electricity needs.  

Although individual units produce, by definition, relatively small amounts of electricity, the significance of micro CHP lies in the potentially huge numbers of systems which may ultimately be installed in the millions of homes in the UK and other European countries where natural gas is currently the dominant heating fuel.  

It is anticipated that, ultimately, micro CHP may provide 20% or so of the UK's electricity generating capacity, more than is currently obtained from nuclear power. 

This site is provided as an information source for the general public and students interested in micro CHP.  Click on the links above (or below) to access papers, product information and news about forthcoming and past micro CHP events as well as links to related sources of information.

Small CHP in Finland, Sweden and Denmark 2004
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