Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Current summer activities in Jyväskylä.

Two special tasks, concerning biosciences and biotechnology, will take place in BIOTECHTOUCH / Jyväskylä during summer 2013.

First, planning of automatized ON LINE (or, at least, AT LINE) microbiological control method continues. Guidelines are already drawn and they can be found in another blog called


Another idea, grounding of "Researcher Bank" to support academic research by experienced specialist from non-academic research (like retired or free-lancer researchers, worked in bioinstitutes and research centers of companies) continues. First meeting in the middle of  May will be followed by second, preparative meeting to finish applications to Jyväskylä University. BIOTECHTOUCH personnel is also involved in this project. Agreements will be done est. in early autumn.

Jyväskylä unit, of course, follows Talvivaara case and a couple of newspaper articles about process and environmental microbiology of mining industry have already published (in Finnish) in KESKISUOMALAINEN and IISALMEN SANOMAT (also available on the pages of newspapers' Internet versions).
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