Sunday, July 14, 2013

Copenhagen District Heating for one million people

districtheat1 DENMARK | For over 40 years, Ramboll has helped develop one of the largest integrated district heating system in the world.

The system supplies heat to the city of one million people and is central to Copenhagen’s ambition of becoming carbon neutral by 2025.

As the District Heating  (DH) system based on CHP in Copenhagen was established and the costumers were connected to DH the overall efficiency raised and the costs to consumers were reduced.

Hence, it has been a very effective and successful initiative in order to save energy and to reduce the overall dependence on imported oil.

The heat supply act from 1979 also stated that heating companies are non-profit companies, the price of heat is the cost of the heat production and the distribution to the user. This is still the bases of the district heating in Denmark today.

Security of power supply, climate change and energy efficiency are top priorities on the global agenda.


Sources: Ramboll, Copenhagen District Heating System

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