Monday, October 21, 2013


Adjustment measures in Mining and Construction’s Tampere foundry operations and machining workshop in Finland

Metso will commence employee negotiations in Mining and Construction’s Tampere foundry operations to adjust its production capacity to better correspond with the changes in the operating environment and future demand.

Various options, including implementing temporary lay-offs, permanently reducing the capacity and downsizing of operations, transferring operations to other units in the foundry group and shutting down the entire Tampere foundry, or selling either the entire foundry or parts of it, will be studied during the employee negotiations.

The employee negotiations will concentrate also on Mining and Construction’s Tampere machining workshop, due to its workload being partly reliant on the foundry.

The negotiations cover all personnel groups, approximately 240 people in total. The measures which will be specified and scheduled during the negotiations are likely to be implemented mainly during 2014.

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