Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rotary Kiln in Cement Industry

The use of scrap tires as a supplemental he1 in the United States Portland cement industry has
increased significantly in the past six years. In 1990, there were two kilns using tire-derived he1 (TDF),
today 30 kilns use TDF.

The outlook for continued and expanded use of TDF in the U. S. cement industry  should be considered favorable, with 15 kilns conducting tests to determine TDF's applicability or in the  permitting process (refer to Table 3). Our estimates are that by the end of 1996, the cement industry could  be consuming some 75-100 million of the 253 million annually generated scrap tires in the United States.

This level of TDF usage will make the cement industry the largest market segments for scrap tires in the
United States.

While the long-term outlook is at present positive, there are a series of factors that have, and will
likely continue to adversely impact the near-term usage of TDF. These issues, as well as the factors that
are likely to positively impact the cement kiln TDF market on are the subject of this presentation.
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