Friday, September 19, 2014

The Nordic Bioenergy Conference 2011

The Nordic Bioenergy Conference 2011 did focus on the factors affecting the future of bioenergy especially in the Nordic Countries Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

At the moment, of key importance is to enlarge Nordic and European bioenergy markets and to mobilize more effectively the energy use of biomass.

Consequently, it is utmost important to learn more about successful examples and win-win models how to operate in the energy markets and overrun barriers still existing in national and international bioenergy markets.

The first Conference day 6th of September 2011 was centred on presenting and discussing bioenergy strategies and biomass resources up 2020.

Also the bioenergy market situation and targets in the Nordic countries was presented. Several national and regional comments were presented from
the point of bioenergy view.

The second Conference day 7th of September 2011 was divided into three parallel sessions.
  1. One devoted to production of fuels from different sources e.g. forest residues, stumps and small woods. 
  2. Different new harvesting methods, logistics and technologies were presented e.g. chipping, bundling systems and integrated energy and industrial wood harvesting.
  3. One session handled topics of biofuels for traffic. The session involved new biodiesel and bioethanol concepts. 
 The large combustion session involved boiler and CHP technologies.
Combined Heat and Power Production (CHP) using biomass is almost in everybody´s interest in whole Europe. The session also included
presentations over possibilities for coal power plant conversion to biomass fuels.

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