Friday, June 5, 2015

China New Energy Buys 24% Stake In Hungarian Biorefinery Company - Visontai Bioetanol

The Hungarian biorefinery Visontai Bioetanol company is scheduled to enter production in 2017. The China New Energy (CNE) will provide proprietary pre-treatment, fermentation, distillation and dehydration technology to the project. It will also provide long-term training, support and maintenance.

The Hungarian biorefinery is set to start operating in 2017 after a 13-month construction period. The contract value for CNE is about 34 million euros, of which 11 million euros will be paid to local subcontractors.

China New Energy has constructed more than 100 (fuel) ethanol, bio-butanol production plant projects since its foundation. 

According to CNE’s website, all projects passed trial run at the first time and are running well. As the technical leader in the industry, the company’s domestic market share is over 60%, and ranks first since 2004. 

Over the years CNE’S business activity has been expanded to ASEAN and EU markets as well as in South Asia and Chinese Taipei.

Source: Hungary Today

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