Sunday, June 15, 2008

Biofuel made from Wood

Another good alternative to produce Biofuel is to use wood as the raw material. There are three basic approaches that are the most promising for making liquid fuels from wood. These are producing: methanol, ethanol, and diesel fuel (of course other liquid fuels from wood are possible to produce).

Currently Shell and Choren Industries finished building a manufacturing plant for BTL (biomass-to-liquid). In this plant forest residues, waste wood, fast-growing timber and agricultural residues can be used as biomass for production purposes (Choren).

There are four significant reasons why wood fuel has been proven to be beneficial (LC Energy):

• It is inexpensive (cheaper than domestic gas, oil, LPG and electricity).

• It will not run out if it comes from sustainable woodlands.

• It is carbon neutral (90% less than when burning fossils).

• It reduces the dependence on fuel imports and price uncertainty

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As said before, wood burning doesn’t release more CO2 than when it biodegrades; therefore it doesn’t add more pollution to the environment.

A problem that might rise, if biofuel from wood is mass-produced, is that the companies have to be aware that they should cut trees sustainably. Because if all the forest where felled, it will lead to deforestation and habitat destruction. As a result of that possibility there has to be a conservation plan in all companies that allows chopping some trees to produce biofuels, but then re-foresting the area and taking care of the animal and plant species that live there.
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